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Vietnam Hand Woven Seagrass Geometric Baskets Set

Sold out
* Set of three nesting baskets
* Large - 13" diameter, 12" height
* Medium - 11" diameter, 11" height
* Small - 9" diameter, 9" height
* Handwoven from seagrass
* Black and natural color
* Geometric pattern
* Sustainably produced
* Made in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Kim Son Seagrass village is located 65 miles from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Kim Son village has been known for seagrass handicrafts for hundreds of years. Kim Son village is known for growing and making seagrass handicrafts.
Seagrass has a growing cyle similar to rice. It is produced twice a year. Handling seagrass is a multistep process. It includes planting, harvesting, choosing, spliting, drying and dyeing to the desired color. The dyed and natural seagrass is then woven to baskets, rugs and toys. Weaving is mostly done by women artisans. Women artisans run their errands and weave baskets at the convenience of their house. It is important to note that Kim Son seagrass products are produced using local and renewable seagrass.