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Indonesia Tall Handcarved Standing Ibis Batik Bird Statue

* Tall wooden sculpture
* 32" height, 5.5" width, 3.5" depth
* Brown, black, blue, and natural color
* Hand-carved from sengon wood
* Hand-painted traditional batik artwork
* Sustainably produced
* Made in Indonesia


Balinese Kayu is our collection of handcarved beautiful wood decor from Indonesia. Kayu means wood. This collections showcases the traditional art of wood carving by balinese artisans. Wood carving in Indonesia dates back a thousand years and was predominantly used in temples and palaces. Wood carving is one of the most practiced art form in Indonesia. People in Indonesia decorate their house with carved wooden birds, buffaloes, cocks, dogs, lion heads and more. Today artisans make statues of people, deities, and animals, for commercial purposes. Woodcarving centers in Indonesia are Bali, Central Java, Madura, Sumatra and Papua.