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Philippines Buri Cardinal Bird Ornament

* Red cardinal bird ornament
* Made from spines of buri palm leaf
* Legs and beak from twigs
* Wings and tail from pandan leaves
* 3" length, 1" width, 2.5" height
* Handpainted with real-life details
* Jute cord for hanging
* Made in Philippines


Hibla Arte means Fiber Art in Filipino, the language of Philippines. Filipinos have been making natural fiber products from a long time. Our Hibla Arte collection includes bird houses, bird feeders, ornaments and festive decor made from natural fibers like buri, raffia, coconut and abaca. Buri is the most common palm grown in the country. The leaves of the palm tree have the most commercial value. Buri is a very sustainable source as the tree continues to grow even after the leaves are used for production. The natural fiber extraction from the palm tree is a laborious process and is a skill gained over time. These natural fiber products provide opportunities for economic development in Philippines. Discover the natural fiber art of Philppines and preserve the traditional craft through Hibla Arte.