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India Resist Hand Block Indigo Floral Print Cotton Placemat Set

* Set of four placemats
* 19" Length, 14" Width
* Cotton fabric
* Multiple floral patterns
* Natural and indigo color
* Printed with resist handblock or dhabu technique
* Uses wooden blocks for printing
* Wash in cold water with vinegar before first use
* Machine wash cold and line dry
* Made in Rajasthan, India


Bagru and Sanganer is our collection of textiles from Rajasthan. Bagru and Sanganer are the types of hand block printing styles. These printing styles use carved wooden blocks that are dipped in vegetable and chemical dyes to create beautiful fabrics. The wooden blocks are fine pieces of art with intricate details that are displayed when the fabric is printed.
Sanganer block prints are primarily done on a pure white or cream background with the use of wooden blocks or screen printers. Sanganer is known for its vibrant and intricate patterns. You will see a range of prints from floral to geometric on Sanganer fabrics. Sanganer printing uses a calico printing technique that involves printing the outline of the pattern first and then filling the outline. Sanganer fabrics are known for their fine and delicate patterns.
Bagru style printed fabrics are distinctively known by their indigo, clay or black colored fabrics. Bagru fabrics are of two kinds, seyali bagru and, dhabu. Seyali bagru is printing on ochre or cream color fabrics. Dhabu printing uses a resist dye style technique. It is a labor-intensive process with multiple steps. In dhabu, the fabric is printed with a dhabu paste consisting of natural materials like mud, gum, lime, and waste wheat chaff. Sawdust is sprinkled on the dhabu paste printed fabric to dry. The dhabu fabric is then dipped in a color dye like indigo and, the dhabu paste print remains intact without dying. When the fabric is washed, the dhabu pattern exposes the natural fabric color. This unique style of printing is called resist handblock or dhabu printing.
Our collection Bagru and Sanganer is a display of the traditional fabric art that continues to survive in some of the most rural villages of Rajasthan.