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Philippines Long Hand Carved Natural Acacia Wood Oval Tray

* Long tray
* Oval shape
* 16" length, 7" width, 3" height
* Serve crackers, bread and fruit
* Hand-carved from acacia wood
* Smooth sanded finish
* Hand wash only
* Rub oil to maintain
* Sustainably produced
* Made in Philippines


Acacia Kainan is our dining collection made from acacia wood by Filipino artisans. Kainan means dining in Filipino.
The craft of carving has been around for 2000 years in the Philippines. Filipino carvers make sculptures of deities, kitchen wares, children's toys, musical instruments, and handles for knives.
Traditionally carvers used a variety of hardwoods to make their designs. Due to decreasing natural forests from human consumption, the Filipino government has banned logging to protect natural forests. Carvers have migrated to more sustainable options like acacia to keep their craft going.
Acacia trees are fast-growing trees that rarely need fertilizers and can grow in any soil. Acacia wood is a sustainable source for production.
Our collection of Acacia Kainan brings hand-carved dining collections made from acacia wood. Our acacia bowls and plates are a simple and minimal dining collection showcasing the craft of Filipinos.